A Hotel Is More than Just the Lobby: Understanding Hospitality FF&E Buyers

by | May 30, 2018 | Furniture

People involved in the hotel and hospitality business will be very familiar with the term “FF&E.” Furniture, fixtures, and fittings are those hundreds or even thousands of items that are purchased when fitting out a new hotel, renovating an existing hotel, or maintaining daily operations. FF&E does not include consumables such as guest room amenities, food, beverages, etc.

There is an ever-increasing awareness of the environment in which we all live. Hotel furniture, fixtures, and fittings have a definite environmental impact based on manufacture, use, and eventual disposal. These issues are taken into account by hospitality FF&E buyers.

What Are the Issues of Today?

It used to be that FF&E items were purchased if they were deemed fit for their purpose. The considerations included, amongst other things, quality, value for money, lifespan, and practical design. There is more to it today. Hotel operators are now considering the impact the item makes throughout the life cycle. There are many considerations, three of which are:

  • No toxic materials used during manufacture or that may affect indoor air quality

  • The product, including all its components, is recyclable once it is ready for disposal

  • The products are sourced from suppliers close to the facility whenever possible

The hotel industry is dynamic; it is continually growing and developing. As more people travel, there is an ever-increasing need for quality accommodations. There are different types of hotels, regardless of where they are positioned in the market, they must fight to retain and build their business. It becomes ever more critical to invest in FF&E that appeal to the gusts and their sympathies.


In the hospitality business, superior ratings are the everyday focus. Superior ratings result in new guests and returnees. Great guest experiences depend on many different factors including the room design, furnishings, fabrics, spa-like bathrooms and more. Visit Curve Hospitality for more info.

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