A Nail Salon in Katy That Knows How To Make Its Services Special

by | Nov 27, 2023 | Nail Spa

Before you go to a nail salon in Katy, TX, be sure it will make you happy. Check the menu to determine if the services will totally relax and pamper you. Look for services like the following:

In addition to a regular manicure, this nail salon in Katy, TX should offer manicures with additional features. One that includes a sugar scrub will exfoliate the skin. A mineral mud mask will alleviate stress and pain in the hands. The hot towel wrap and hand massage will take this manicure to another level.

A manicure that includes all of the above plus paraffin is extra relaxing. It features more massage and hot stone treatment. As with all manicures and pedicures, your choice of regular nail polish is included.

A fast pedicure should be available, but you should also be able to get a pedicure that hydrates the skin. It should feature a lavender scrub and callus treatment. Massage for 5 minutes and hot towel treatment should be included.

If you are looking to escape to a tranquil wonderland, indulge in a pedicure that gives you a warm pillow to place your neck on. This pedicure should include a tropical scrub, callus treatment, exfoliation with an aloe vera cream mask and paraffin wax. Massage for 10 minutes with hot stones should come with this service.

The most luxurious pedicure includes a scented sugar scrub. Rose petals are added to the foot soak, and leg exfoliation is included. This pedicure includes 20 minutes of massage and more.

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