Choosing The Right Fire Extinguisher In Iowa

Depending on several different factors, there are several different factors to consider when selecting a fire extinguisher in Iowa. For most residences, there are combination extinguishers that will provide excellent fire suppression for all types of home fires from electrical fires to fires on the stove.

Most people don’t realize that every fire extinguisher in Iowa is not designed to put out all types of fires. In addition, all fire extinguishers are not ideal for all surfaces, as some, including dry powder, can leave a corrosive film so they should not be used on specific types of equipment.


There are different classes of fires that include classes A through D and then a Class K type. Class A is for common household materials such as plastics, paper and wood as well as fabrics and carpets.

Class B fire extinguishers are for flammable liquids, particularly fuels such as gas or diesel. They are also used on other types of flammable liquids that may be around the home, typically including home repair products, kerosene, some solvents or other similar items. These extinguishers are ideal for the garage as they can be used on automobile types of grease and oil fires as well.

Class C is specifically for electrical fires. This can include the wiring throughout the house as well as the specific electric appliances. Generally if the appliance is plugged in, such as a dryer, using a Class C approved fire extinguisher in Iowa is the best option.

Class D fires are not typically associated with homes, and they include flammable items such as metals and specific types of materials typically only found in laboratories and specialized industrial settings.

Finally, Class K fire extinguishers are usually used in commercial kitchens for fires in cooking oils, grease and cooking appliances.

Mixed Use

Rather than have one of each type of fire extinguisher in Iowa, most homeowners choose an ABC rated extinguisher. These are dry chemical, also called dry powder, extinguishers and can be used safely on electrical fires as well as grease and oil fires and other combustible materials.

The significant advantage to a dry powder fire extinguisher in Iowa for general use is that the residue of the chemical helps to prevent the chance of the fire starting up again. This is an important consideration as re-igniting the fire can lead to significant damage before the fire is again detected.

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