Cigar Oasis Humidifiers

If you are going to buy a box of 90 Miles Churchills or Acid Deep Dish cigars, you don’t want to set them on your dresser or throw them in a drawer. Fine cigars need to be in a humidity controlled environment and this is why people buy humidors. However, not all humidors work perfectly and some of them do not keep the humidity at proper levels unless you make constant adjustments. Cigar Oasis humidifiers remove all the guess work from humidity control, and here is more about them.

Why Buy a Humidifier?

You might be asking yourself, why should I buy a humidifier when I already have a humidor? There are several good reasons to consider a good humidifier. For example:

  • Suppose you have a 300 cigar humidifier and you have to keep adding water and checking the humidity levels. A quality humidifier from Cigar Oasis will do all the work for you. It automatically keeps the humidity at a set level, and you won’t have to worry about it. This is very important if you plan to be out of town for some time.
  • Maybe you have an inexpensive humidor and the humidifier does not work as well as it should. Instead of buying another humidor (which can be expensive) you can add an affordably priced Cigar Oasis humidifier to the unit. This will solve your humidor problems.
  • Your humidor may be getting on in years and if it is a large unit, you might have to pay out a lot of money to replace it. Instead, you may only need to install a humidifier. This can save you an enormous amount of money and trouble.

Easy to Use

When you buy a Cigar Oasis humidifier, you only have to set it once and this is all you need to do. Installation is very simple. Just place the unit where the normal humidifier unit goes in the humidor. These humidifiers are made to keep humidity just right for as many as 300 cigars.

Once the unit is installed, you can close the case on the humidor. The wire to the unit is ribbon cable, so you can shut the door on the wire and not have to worry about damage.  You also can use the battery attachment (sold separately).

You never have to add water to your humidifier. The Cigar Oasis has a “low water” indicator and when the water level gets low, it will sound an alarm so you can replace the inexpensive water cartridge. Each cartridge should last about six months. In addition, the humidifier unit has WiFi capabilities.

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