Colors To Include In Your Vintage Wedding Decor Ideas

You may be surprised at the different colors and wedding dresses that have been popular throughout the last several decades. For brides that are looking for vintage wedding décor ideas from the 30s, 40s, 50s or 60s incorporating these colors into your styles and designs allows you to stay modern in your choices while still giving that long ago feel.

To understand the colors and ideas that would work best with these eras let’s take a closer look at the styles and options that signify each.

The 1930s

The 1930s tended to feature a lot of marriages where the couple simply worn a beautiful dress and suit and not specifically a wedding dress. Or, if the family chose, often a wedding dress was one from a prior wedding of a past generation.

Dressed tended to be calf-length and were often floral, and brides tended to wear very simple veils. They carried wildflower or hand crafted bouquets from a garden and wedding décor tended to be elegant and very formal. Art deco looks were definitely in and very popular.

The 1940s

Vintage wedding décor ideas from the 1940s tend to include more formal dresses with lots of lace and chiffon but a corseted waist to accent the shiloheutte.  Bouquets tended to feature both real and artificial and paper flowers, and decorations for the reception tended to include the same. Ribbons and bows as well as smaller centerpieces that traditionally were white or light colors were all the rage.

The 1950s

Some of the most ornate gown and vintage wedding décor ideas come from the 1950s. Brides wore a lot of lace on their gowns and also tended to wear bridal gloves, many that were more like a sleeve and were without fingers.

Dresses trended to be at the ankles or mid-calf with beautiful ornate wedding shoes. Decorations for the reception were formal and very sculptured, designed to be elegant and beautiful. Decorative wedding cakes with multiple layers were often the center of the reception décor.

The 1960s

The more free spirited 1960s brought in a range of different vintage wedding décor ideas that modern brides can use. There were the very formal and elegant weddings with white linen, formal place settings and the finest in crystal and china and then towards the end of the decade there were the much more casual weddings with less structure and more emphasis on outdoors and being free spirits.

Paper flowers, tie-dyed tablecloths and chair covers all add to vintage wedding décor ideas from this decade. You can really explore a wide range of options from the 60s or even mix and match from different eras to create a unique combination.

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