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by | Sep 14, 2015 | Moving

Do you have a corporate relocation contract? Companies are competing for market share, and many are doing so in the global marketplace. Local businesses have become multi-national organizations operating in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. The Digital Age has levelled the playing field for organizations. It has also expanded the playing field for executives, offering growth and greater opportunities abroad and in the U.S. Companies are addressing the demands by contracting with commercial moving companies to develop their talent mobility package.

Outsource Your Talent Mobility Plan
CEO’s are tasked with demands for greater transparency, cost controls, and increasing market share. Creating a standard relocation package for National and International relocations reduces costs, wasted resources and mounds of paperwork. Human Resource executives find value in working with one vendor to execute their talent mobility program. CEO’s can select from a broad range of options provided by commercial moving companies. Fort Lauderdale businesses count on national and international affiliates that provide:

  • Single point of contact
  • Destination services
  • Moving services
  • Cost of living analysis
  • Storage
  • Identify rentals
  • Identify realtors
  • Full-service home locator
  • Identify schools
  • Custom clearances
  • Transport by national or overseas affiliates
  • Departure services

Support Resources for Greater Talent ROI
Companies invest in their talent covering costs for professional development, training, or certifications. CEO’s need to substantiate their return on investment (ROI) to shareholders. A company measures talent ROI based on the executive’s ability to perform at a higher level with greater responsibilities. In turn, executives understand the importance of taking on more responsibilities. Those larger roles sometimes require relocation. For the executive, uprooting a family is challenging. An organization can close the gap by providing adequate support to help talent in the relocation process.

Select a Customized Relocation Package
Control your costs and reduce redundancies by developing a talent mobility plan. This is a function that can be outsourced to the experts, commercial moving companies. Fort Lauderdale businesses have options when selecting a moving partner. Take the time to understand their relocation service offerings. Let the professionals’ help you customize a package that fits within your budget and supports your talents’ relocation needs.

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