Commonly Asked Questions About Commercial Roof Inspection In Chicago

To ensure that the roof on your building lasts as long as possible, it’s important to have a qualified Commercial Roof Inspection Chicago area professional inspect your roof twice a year. To learn more about the inspection process and why it’s necessary, read the commonly asked questions below.

Q.) What are the reasons why commercial roofs fail prematurely?

A.) When a commercial roof doesn’t last as long as it should, it’s most likely due to poor design, inadequate installation or defective roofing materials. Other factors that can contribute to a failing roof include weather related issues and lack of proper roof maintenance.

Q.) What does a roofing contractor look for during a roof inspection?

A.) While inspecting the outside of your roof, the contractor will look for signs of roof damage such as cracks, blisters and discoloration. The inspector will also take note of any standing water on the roof and the condition of the gutters, drains and pipe vents. The contractor will also examine the inside of your building and check for water spots on the ceiling, stained walls, mold and window frame leaks.

Q.) What types of maintenance does a roofing contractor do to extend the life of a roof?

A.) After a thorough inspection and assessment of your roof, a Commercial Roof Inspection Chicago area professional will advise you on the condition of your roof. While performing maintenance on your roof, the contractor will clean the debris off your roof and out of the drains and gutters. The contractor will fix or replace the flashing, plumbing vents, drains or other roof components. Other possible work may include repairs to the seams or the surface of the roof. By having regular maintenance checks performed on your roof, you can expect your roof to last as long or longer than recommended.

Roofing Solutions LLC is an experienced commercial and industrial roofing contractor that specializes in roof replacement, repairs, retrofit and restoration. This company also offers a comprehensive roof inspection and maintenance program to extend the lifespan of your roof. Visit their website to learn more about their services and to contact the company for a free consultation and analysis of your roof.

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