Don’t Forget The Mat When Picking Picture Frames In Sydney

Many people wonder what picture frames in Sydney have to do with mats, but they can be an essential part of the framing. Before determining if you need a mat, companies like Amarisco Framing & Mounting will ask pertinent questions, such as where the item will be stored, if the space is consumed with moisture/humidity, whether you want the items preserved as best as possible, and how big you want the result to be. You may be wondering what those questions have to do with mats, but the mat is more than just a cute border. It offers practical functions and a purpose. It can preserve the image by allowing air circulation and can give better support, as well.

Air Circulation

When people think of picture frames in Sydney, they think of a vacuum-sealed inside, which isn’t the case. Air can still get inside, between the glass and the frame, even if it made correctly. In most cases, that is part of the point of preservation. You need a little bit of air, but you also need it to circulate and not remain in one spot. Nothing should be placed directly against your glazing because condensation can become trapped, leading to buckling and mould.


Visually speaking, the mat can highlight particular aspects of the painting, shape the décor, or accent shapes within the artwork. It can also increase the size to create more drama for the piece.


Your item must be supported at all times and the backing board with mat can provide a sandwiching effect. The mat will protect and obscure the hinges or other attachment needs holding the artwork in place, which gives more support and protection. Likewise, some people may prefer unframed art, and a mat ensures that no one touches the painting or photograph.

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