Effective Packing Practices Used by Residential Moving Companies in Baton Rouge

The process of moving to a new home is like running a marathon: you have several hurdles to jump, to start from the moment you first decide to move and ending with the delivery of your personal belongings to your new house. Knowing where to begin can be confusing when you are working with residential moving companies in Baton Rouge, but there are moving companies that can handle all of the packings for you.

Quality residential moving companies should apply the following, or even better, packing practices when applicable. But these practices can also apply to the homeowner who does some self-packing prior to the big move.

Packing Tips
First, start by packing items that are out of season. Then, pack any household items you use infrequently. Avoid packing anything that you may need between now and your official moving day. Also, try to pack similar goods together. For instance, don’t pack your cast-iron skillets in the same carton as you pack your china figurines. Keep all pairs or parts of things together as well when using residential moving companies. Baton Rouge companies recommend that you keep tiny hardware items, such as mirror bolts or curtain rod hangers, in cloth or plastic bags and then tied or taped securely to the items to which they belong.

Additional Packing Tips
Empty your home’s drawers of items that are not recommended for shipment, such as anything that is flammable. You should also remove any spillable or breakable items from your drawers along with any items that may damage or puncture other goods. However, lightweight items such as bath towels, lingerie, sweaters and blankets, can be left in your drawers.

How to Pack
Be sure to wrap all of your items individually using clean paper. When wrapping delicate items such as crystal or fine china, use paper towels, facial tissue or tissue paper. Then use two layers of newspaper to create solid outer wrapping for these items. If possible, try to put a layer of crushed paper at the bottom of each box holding your items, making the layer 2 inches to 3 inches thick.

When packing a carton, keep your heaviest items at the bottom, and put your medium-weight goods next. The lightest items should be on the top. As you stack your layers of items, use crushed paper to fill in spaces throughout the carton.

The above packing strategies may be observed by your moving company and yourself prior to moving. Your moving company should be happy to follow your guidance and criteria for how your possessions should be handled and packed.

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