How to Choose Custom 1/0 Marine Battery Cable

Wires on a boat or in other marine applications need extra protection. These wires and cables are commonly exposed to water and most people would agree that water and electrical currents do not mix well. Marine cables are heavy duty in design, with the intent that the wires will last years. Additionally, the wires are surrounded by a vinyl insulation that is resistant to gas, salt water and other liquids which gives the water extra protection against corrosion and electrolysis. The wires can also withstand temperatures of up to 105 degrees Celsius. While this cable is extremely durable, there are always circumstances that could arise that call for a new marine cable. If you need to do repairs using 1/0 marine battery cable, there can be a lot of options available. One possibility is to get a custom cable. This can help you complete the repairs without having to get excess cables. Here are some tips on choosing custom 1/0 marine battery cable.

Evaluate Your Battery

When designing a custom cable, you need to evaluate the battery that you will be using it on. One of the customizations that you will select is the size of the cable lug. Determine the size of the bolt the lug will be attached to and that will be one of the first customizations that you decide on when creating your cable.

You will also want to evaluate where the battery is located in the boat as well as where the terminals are located on the battery. You can customize the cable connectors to be either straight, left elbow or right elbow. This assists in making the connections at the terminals more convenient.

Determine the Needed Strength

When selecting the cable connections, there are different types of cable lugs available. The heavy wall lugs are going to be the more durable and stronger option. They are more likely to resist corrosion and will have the longest life span. However, with strength and durability comes a cost. This option is more expensive up front, but might be worth the expense in the long run.

Plan for Color Coding

For both the cables and any heat shrinks that are needed, colors can be selected. It is best to color code the wires and know what the colors mean for any future repairs or work you may need to do on the battery.

Custom 1/0 marine battery cable can help you get the exact cables you need without wasting any wire. You can get the proper connections; terminals and colors delivered to you and not have to piece the cable together yourself.

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