How to Find Professional Moving Companies in Huntsville

Enlisting the help of a few friends with a pickup truck and the promise of a pizza dinner might work if one is moving into a small apartment or condominium. However, you are moving into a much larger space, with many stairs and lots of heavy furniture, it’s usually much faster, easier, and not always more expensive to hire one of several available local moving companies. Huntsville is one city where a professional moving company can be hired where the moving professionals have the strength to carry heavy items, the stamina to walk up and down stairs many times, and the knowledge and skills to protect your valuables from damage.

Types of Moving Companies
Professional relocation companies can provide a range of services. Full-service movers pack all of the belongings of a home, from the oversized armoire to the contents of a medicine cabinet, and then transport these belongings to the new home. There is also the option to pack up one’s belongings oneself and then arrange for the moving company to provide the transportation services. Other services that professional moving companies provide can include crating and specialty packing and full or partial unpacking at the new location.

Getting Names
The best starting point for finding movers is to ask for recommendations from relatives and friends.

The Better Business Bureau can also be checked, but this is mostly concerning complaints and how well a moving company responds and handles them. Other third party websites such as Yelp can be researched for reviews, and one’s state department of transportation can provide complaint data as well.

Licensing Information
Long distance and Interstate movers are licensed by the federal Department of Transportation and display their number on their vehicles. More information about any such mover that is licensed by the federal Department of Transportation can be found on the website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Also, any given state may also have licensing requirements for in-state movers, and these can usually be found in the state’s Department of Transportation website.

The website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration provides additional advice on packing and planning for a move and dealing with any problems along the way, such as what to look for regarding service from a mover, the mover’s contract, how to file a complaint and the settling of any disputes with regard to damage to goods.

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