How to Find the Best Movers in Chicago

Although summer can be the busiest moving season with people trying to get relocated in time to start their children at a new school, any time of year rogue movers can pose as professional ones and cause much distress and many problems for the people who end up using them. One way to find the best movers in Chicago is to follow some guidelines established by the American Moving and Storage Association and the Better Business Bureau designed to raise awareness of the importance of using a reputable moving company.

Do Some Research
When finding the best movers, you should get at least three written estimates from companies you have selected to help you make a better and more informed decision. The movers should be shown everything that you want them to move so that your estimate can be as accurate as possible. Estimates should be provided at no charge to you.

While the movers are examining your home, ask them any questions you might have. These could be related to claims and claims processing, valuation coverage, insurance or any number of issues. An indication that they are one of the best movers is that you are not only comfortable asking them questions but that they answer all your questions completely and without hesitation.

Know Your Rights
The law requires that moving companies provide their customers with federal publications that explain the moving process and also explain your rights and responsibilities. The best movers in Chicago have met the accreditation standards of the Better Business Bureau which include having established and maintained a positive track record in the marketplace, adhering to time-honored standards of advertising and selling, and honestly representing their products and services.

Get All Agreements in Writing
Once you have made your decision with a mover and came to terms, make sure that you read all the documents you receive completely and carefully before signing them. Anything else on which you agreed should also be be in writing. Then, get copies of everything you signed, especially the Bill of Lading. This is your contract between you and the moving company and acts as a receipt for your possessions.

By following these basic tips, you have a good chance of finding a trustworthy and dependable moving company that can make your moving day run efficiently and even be a pleasurable experience!

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