iForeman Grain Cart App

There is finally an app that will link your grain cart information to your Apple device. This app is free and will connect to any handheld apple product such as your smartphone or iPad. It is also compatible with the latest Android devices. The app works through Bluetooth, so there is no cord clutter in the bed of the tractor. Drivers can keep up with all the data related to any load with little effort.

What It Tracks
The iforeman app will track pretty much anything related to a particular load including the following:

  • When the cart starts
  • Current cart weight in real-time
  • Commodity
  • Location
  • Truck
  • Grower
  • Field
  • Moisture
  • Temperature
  • Auto-reports
  • Load data
  • Time
  • Weight
  • Date
  • GPS Location

This feature work together to provide a comprehensive report about every load.

How It Works
For the iForeman to work, you need to replace the current indicator on your grain cart with the i60 serial processor. This will wirelessly connect with the app you download to your handheld device for free. You can setup your app by inputting data through your touchscreen. The iForeman will automatically detect information such as the load’s weight and allows you to choose the truck, location and operator data. Reports are generated automatically, but you still have the ability to make easily modifications as needed.

Why It is Useful
The iForeman eliminates the guess-work in the field. There is no longer any need for manual notes regarding the date, time, field and commodity for each load. Just sync your phone with the app and the paperwork is done for you. You can easily check your records back to any date and see the load information. The i60 serial processor only requires one lithium battery that should be replaced every year (or season), and the app will work as long as your mobile device is charged. This management tool will save a great deal of time and effort coordinating loads and tracking data to determine any errors, omissions or revisions that are needed in the future. Since the app is free, the time saved is well worth it.

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