Looking for Insulated Refrigeration Doors, Find Them in California

Energy costs keep rising. For those who own and operate commercial refrigeration facilities, the proper selection of insulated refrigeration doors is very important. The doors must be sized correctly to accommodate traffic and to maintain the correct internal room temperature. Well designed and manufactured insulated doors that are used in California and elsewhere must have several attributes.

  • They must provide an airtight seal
  • They must close completely, every time, and
  • They must not sag

Insulated refrigeration doors that are wells sealed and remain open for the minimum amount of time will keep the chilled air in and the warm air out.

Insulated doors in California are available in many configurations to satisfy different installation parameters and applications.

Standard Design Doors – Hinges support standard doors. There are two types: flush fit and overlap. Standard doors are used when the opening does not exceed five-foot. These doors are equally as good for use on freezers as they are on refrigerators. They can be used inside as well as outside. Standard doors are ideal when product moves in and out on a pallet jack.

Horizontal Sliding Doors – A 5-foot-wide standard door requires 5 feet in front for opening purposes. If space is not available, a horizontal sliding door can be installed. A horizontal sliding door is used for wide openings and can be equipped with an electric door opener.

Vertical Lift Doors – If there is insufficient space in front of the door or on either side, the solution is a vertical lift door. The concern with vertical lift insulated refrigeration doors is available headroom in the building.

Bi-Parting Doors – Bi-parting doors are like two horizontal sliding doors, one going each way of the center of the opening. This type of door is ideal where forklift trucks are used to move material. They open and close quickly.

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