Shared Office Space takes flight in Brisbane

by | Nov 5, 2015 | Business

As with many cities on the rise, the demand for housing in Brisbane has outstripped the supply. Houses can only be built so fast, and as the need for office space has risen, demand – and prices – have each risen in concert.

The end result of this trend has been many small market operations and businesses finding it difficult to afford inner-city office space. However, all is certainly not lost. At Corporate House, we have become aware of this trend, and we believe we offer a viable solution.

Our shared offices feature all the amenities you could expect in any corporate office, with the same commitment to quality and modern styling that we bring to all of our projects. The atmosphere is one of workmanship and devotion, one that you can make the very most of, while you’re saving considerable overhead.

There are further benefits to utilising shared office space in Brisbane. The camaraderie of working alongside other driven members of your sector can be motivating, and opportunities to network among your peers will abound. At Corporate House, we believe that a group atmosphere breeds people skills and a team mentality, that can be directed towards both your client base, and your own growing team.

At Corporate House, we place pride in offering opportunities to small businesses seeking to engage their chosen sector. We believe shared office space is one of the best methods of offering a positive space to burgeoning businesses in Brisbane. Contact us and we’ll get you started.

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