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One of the best products you can keep on hand for promotional distribution or as a staple for your store is the umbrella. Among the most useful though simple products ever created, this mainstay of fashion and necessity enjoys a fairly constant appreciation factor. Wholesale umbrellas can be ordered to increase store stock or to extend the reach of a logo campaign.

Stocking for a Rainy Day

Most people try to keep an umbrella handy in their vehicle and/or near their front door. They know that being without one when you need it most can ruin your look and even your perspective. There are many people who will never have an umbrella handy when they most need it, and these people are sure to rush into stores on various occasions in the frantic search for one at a great price. Ordering wholesale umbrellas put you into a unique position to have stock on hand to either sale or to give away as a promotional item.

Name Recognition

If the point of your ordering wholesale umbrellas is to promote your product and services, you will be thrilled to see how your name recognition grows from the deal. There are many choices for increasing the power of your image, including logo placement and color selection. Umbrellas make great premium products for giveaways, and they can also be leveraged as fundraising items that are both attractive and useful. Teams, schools, and not-for-profit organizations find that a functional take away is very useful for establishing name recognition to grow support.


When the message you share is one of togetherness and unity, wholesale umbrellas provide an ideal solution. In fact, there are few products that resonate so well through dark, cloudy, turbulent times as umbrellas that imply safety, security, and protection subtly and effectively.

Whatever the occasion, wholesale umbrellas should be an easy choice for reaching out to customers and colleagues alike. Your reach expands either through sales or giveaways, and that makes for great community appreciation.

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