The best crab cakes come from Maryland

There are plenty of crab species and crabs are no stranger to waters all over the world, why is it then that so many people want to buy crab cakes from Maryland? The reason is pretty easy to figure out, people want to taste crab and nothing makes a better crab cake, one that lets the taste come through better, than Maryland blue crab. Don’t think for a minute that Maryland is the only place where blue crabs are found, it is not. Blue crab thrives in the Atlantic from as far north as Canada and as far south as central South America. The thing about Maryland blue crab is the distinct flavor and the traditional way of preparing it by steaming which keeps the flavor in the crab rather than in the water left in the pot if they are boiled.

Maryland blue crab was for centuries, only available to those people that lived along the coast. It would be many years yet before it would be possible to buy crab cakes anywhere else in the country as transportation and refrigeration were simply not developed or available.

Maryland blue crabs:

Blue crabs are by far the most famous variety in and along the cost of Chesapeake Bay. They thrive in the estuary and have for years been the mainstay on the menu of many famous restaurants in and around Baltimore and other Maryland locales. Blue crab breed fast and as they produce a huge number of eggs the crop is always abundant.

Just as there are so many local restaurants offering crab cake there are an equal number of crab cake recipes, many of which have been handed down within the family for generations. The one common denominator about Maryland blue crab cakes is that they use minimum filler and maximum crab.

You can buy crab cakes online and have them shipped to your home anywhere in the country. For more information, visit Harbour House Crabs.

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