The Family Dentistry in Pewaukee, WI Deploys Lasers (Not Scalpels!) to Treat Even Advanced Gum Disease

by | Jul 17, 2015 | Dentist

Gum disease comes in at least three stages, propelled by plaque that forms in the mouth. The actual plaque forms over the teeth, not the gums. The gums turn red because they are irritated with the filmy plaque that covers the area where the teeth and gums meet. The plaque begins as a thin film. It is hardly distinguishable from the teeth themselves. The plaque will harden over time. If left untreated, it will form into calculus. This is not the math calculus though it can be just as frustrating (and just as hard to solve). It is the calculus emissions of bacteria that ultimately elevate relatively treatable gingivitis to periodontitis.

When periodontitis occurs, the bacteria have spread to the gums. The bacteria, now surrounded by soft and moisturized gums, are in a wonderful environment to breed and spread infection. The infections eventually root in the open orifices where the teeth are pressed against the gums by the bone. These infections consequently cause teeth to fall out, among many other disastrous side effects.

Painting this story has not been fun, but it is certainly an unfortunate reality for those not informed about proper treatment methods. The Family Dentistry in Pewaukee WI has embraced a newer technology that can soon replace manually surgical periodontitis treatment. It is known as Laser Periodontal Therapy, and it is a process that begins with a laser treatment and ends with the reversal of periodontitis.

It is called a therapy because the process is more than just a visit to the dentist on a monthly basis. Patients are given steps to follow in the comfort of their own home that will alleviate symptoms of periodontitis. This includes using a tongue scraper a number of times a week, flossing twice a day, using a soft bristle toothbrush, and other strategies. The Family Dentistry in Pewaukee WI supplies booklets and lessons to take home and uses the non-surgical lasers in the office to retain a tighter control over the development of the disease. Lasers are making a major impact in dentistry, and small offices are taking note of their patient appeal and powerful use in medicine. For more information, visit Pewaukee Dental.

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