The Importance of Airplane Tugs

If you are talking about aviation ground support equipment, and you want to point out one of the most important pieces of equipment on the ground, then you have to be talking about the airplane tug. Aircraft are made to fly through the sky, but unfortunately they do not move as easily on the ground without the assistance of other equipment. An airplane tug maneuvers the aircraft to where it needs to be whether in the hangar or on the runway. Most types of aircraft do not have a reverse gear. While aircraft do not need to reverse while in the air, it is inevitable that they will need to go backwards while on the ground at one time or another. A tug makes it all happen. Tugs are incredibly efficient, and the engine of the aircraft does not have to be started in order for the tug to move the aircraft. This is beneficial in saving airlines money on fuel costs.

Ground Safety First!

An airplane tug is used at airports both large and small. Tugs can safely move aircraft so that no accidents occur. A safe environment on the ground is essential to everyone that is at the airport and to those that are involved with moving the plane to where it needs to go. There are numerous types of tugs available that can handle a range of needs from moving heavy commercial aircraft to moving lighter single engine planes. In order to stay safe, equipment operators must understand safe practices to operate a tug. First Safety, a nonprofit organization, has produced a short series of videos to help operators learn good safety practices. These videos provide in-depth safety information to help operators learn the right techniques and approaches to safely operate aircraft tugs and other ground support equipment. In addition to First Safety, the FAA has safety videos circulating on YouTube as well. While most airlines will ensure that their employees are fully trained, the safety videos are extremely beneficial as well.

Dealing with the Right Supplier

Most airlines deal with certain suppliers that they have relationship with, but it is best to purchase tugs and other types of ground support equipment from a reputable supplier that can provide a superb level of support and plenty of options. Tugs can be purchased outright or leased, so airlines will be able to upgrade their equipment without having a huge amount of upfront capital.

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