Traditional Groomsmen Gift Ideas

While it is easy to jump to a non-traditional groomsmen gift idea, it is worth keeping in mind that traditions are still around for a reason. Some traditional groomsmen gifts are still as great to get as anything new. Below are a few traditional gift ideas that will impress even the most picky future in-laws and, more importantly, your groomsmen.

Cuff Links

Cuff links have a long standing tradition as an exceptional groomsmen gift. These are not the same cuff links you would have seen in the past, however. Like most everything else, they can now be customized to suit your wants. This means you can get each of your groomsmen a set specific to them. These can be a sports theme or just about anything else you can think of.

To add even more option, you can buy sets that are made with reclaimed wood from old stadium seats. One such example uses actual wood from the seats that were removed from Yankee Stadium in 1973. These sets obviously cost more than a normal set, but you are purchasing a piece of sports history.

Personalized Pen Sets

True, a pen set is not the most exciting gift, but these are not your run of the mill ball point pens. No, these pens are high quality pens and can be customized for each of your groomsmen. You can often find groomsmen gift pen sets in both ballpoint and fountain styles, so it is important to decide which you want and try to keep it as consistent as possible.

Pen sets, rather than the individual pens, can sometimes include both ball point and fountain style pens. These sets are going to cost more, obviously, but they will usually still be less than trying to buy each pen individually.

Don’t be so quick to dismiss traditional groomsmen gift ideas. While some traditional ideas either simply don’t make sense anymore, others can be customized to suit your needs and impress your groomsmen.

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