What Are the Different Kinds of Home Security Options?

With more than two million home burglaries each year, it is no surprise that there are so many kinds of home security systems available. When you start to look at the options available, it can become very confusing. Let’s take a few moments to consider the most common types of home security systems on the market and explore their various pros and cons.

Local alarms are the most old-fashioned type of alarms available. They are simply a sort of alarm that will ring if a door or window is opened when it has sensors in place. This is an unmonitored alarm, like a car alarm, and counts on the noise and attention it draws to scare away a burglar. Typically, the sensors have two pieces that, when separated, cue the loud alarm.

Wired alarms are next in line regarding age. They are the kind that has a hardwired control panel in the home and associated with that panel will be the window and door sensors, motion detectors and even fire or water alarms. Some also have cameras hardwired to the system. Some are unmonitored, but most are connected to a monitoring company that can alert the police, the homeowner if they are not at home, and emergency services.

Wireless alarms are the most modern and most commonly used. They are the home security systems of choice for most because they are easily and affordably installed and can be configured in any number of ways. The manner in which the system runs depends on the provider, but most are monitored and feature an array of door and window sensors, fire, smoke and water alarms, cameras and remote operations thanks to mobile apps and Internet connectivity.

While there are many cons to local and wired home security systems, wireless options have very few. Really, the only potential drawback is that a system might require batteries in various components. However, the quality of batteries used in home security systems is very high to allow owners to change them once every few years.

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