What to Expect After Tooth Extractions in Effingham IL

by | Aug 4, 2015 | Dentist

The dentist has just confirmed what the patient already suspected: a couple of teeth are too far gone for fillings, so they have to come out. Having the Tooth Extractions in Effingham IL done is not the problem. The patient does wonder what to expect, since the last time an extraction took place was when the individual was a kid. To help put the mind of the patient at ease, here is what to expect in the hours and days after those extractions are completed.

When the Pain Reliever Wears Off

Before the Tooth Extractions in Effingham IL took place, the dentist used one or more methods to deaden the gum around each tooth. Expect the areas to remain numb for several hours. As the feeling returns, there is the potential for experiencing some discomfort. For many people, the pain is minor at best. Talk with the dentist in advance about what sort of pain medication to take. Generally, the patient will want to avoid anything that thins the blood since this would interfere with the clotting needed to protect the now empty tooth sockets.

Changing the Packing

Once the teeth are removed, the dentist will add some type of packing or padding to the affected areas. The packing serves the dual purpose of protecting the exposed sockets and soaking up any excess blood as the open area begins to heal. For the most part, that packing will need to remain in place for several hours. The dentist may recommend replacing it with fresh packing and keeping it in place until bedtime.

Eating and Drinking

Keep the food choices limited for a day or so. Focus on soft foods that provide nutrition but require little to no chewing. With beverages, make sure they are at room temperature rather than hot or cold. Avoid using a straw for the first day. From there, it is possible to begin introducing foods that are easy to chew back into the diet while the tissue in and around the sockets begin to toughen.

For more tips on what to do after a tooth extraction, Click Here and prepare accordingly. Doing so will ensure the pain and swelling are kept to a minimum, and the healing will proceed without incident.

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