When Should You Contact an Auto Accident Attorney in PA?

If you’ve been in a car accident, you may be wondering if you really need to hire an attorney. After all, some people will tell you that you need to while others will tell you to just go through the insurance company. Which one should you do? Here’s a few scenarios of when you may want to contact an Auto accident attorney PA after you’ve been in a car accident.

When the Insurance Company Offers a Settlement

Most of the time, the insurance company will offer you a settlement to cover your medical bills and car repair bills. Often, however, this doesn’t cover everything. You may have future medical bills it doesn’t cover or you may have lost time at work and need to recover your wages. It’s recommended that you speak with an attorney before you accept any settlement to make sure the settlement is large enough. The attorney cannot help you after you have accepted the settlement.

When the Insurance Company Refuses to Settle

There are a few reasons why the insurance company may refuse to offer a settlement, but the most prominent is by claiming you caused the accident. If this happens, make sure you speak with an attorney as quickly as possible so they can begin to collect evidence to help you prove that the other driver caused the accident. Then, your attorney will use the evidence to help you get the settlement you’re entitled to.

When the Person Doesn’t Have Insurance

Even though insurance is a requirement of every state, you may find yourself in a situation where the driver at fault doesn’t have insurance. You’re going to want to contact an attorney to see what your options are. Just because they don’t have insurance doesn’t mean the case is hopeless.

These are just a few scenarios you may find yourself in. In any of these cases, it’s recommended that you at least consult an Auto accident attorney PA to see how they can help you. Remember, you want to set up the consultation as soon as possible after the accident since there are time limits for how long you have to file a case. If you’re in need of an attorney for a consultation contact Alpern Schupert P.C today.

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