Why Should You Switch to Heating Oil in Norwich, CT for Your Heating Needs?

Oil for heating provides several benefits that help make it one of the most efficient fuel sources. For residential or commercial heating, switching to an oil heater may help reduce energy costs and limit your overall impact on the environment.

Save Money and Increase Efficiency

The use of heating oil can help reduce heating costs compared to the use of electric or natural gas. For over a decade, oil has remained the most cost-effective heating source. It has also become much more efficient. Modern oil heating systems often achieve efficiency ratings greater than 90%.

Minimize Your Impact on the Earth

Heating oil is cleaner than natural gas and other fuel sources as well. The oil used today is also cleaner than it used to be. Modern oil burns 95% cleaner than the oil used decades ago.

By switching to heating oil, you limit your impact on the environment as well as reduce your contribution to air pollution. In fact, the emissions released from oil burners cause virtually no harm to the atmosphere, as oil heat is non-toxic and does not contain carcinogenic properties.

Increase the Safety of Your Property

The use of heating oil in Norwich, CT is a safer option than other fuel sources. Oil must be heated to very high temperatures to burn, while natural gas and propane can cause explosions at room temperatures. Compared to gas, oil also reduces your risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Visit our website Andersenoilcompany.com in the near future for more information on oil heaters and the delivery of oil to your home or commercial property. Most people who switch to oil prefer it over other fuel sources. Oil is always available throughout the winter, ensuring that you can keep your property warm.

People often overlook the use of oil heaters for their residential or commercial properties. Switching to oil offers several important advantages. Oil can help you save money, limit your impact on the earth, and increase the safety of your property.

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