Why You Need a Beam Clamp for Your Next Construction Job

Every construction worker knows that there is a wide variety of equipment needed to get a job done correctly and safely, but sometimes the correct equipment can get lost in the shuffle. One of the most important pieces of equipment needed is the beam clamp fall protection. Beam clamps can be used for many different tasks including heavy lifting and attachment procedures. So why do you need a beam clamp for your next project?

To Stay Safe, That’s why!

Beam clamp fall protection gear can be used on the construction site or for do-it-yourselfers that like to do projects at home. These small but tough devices have many jobs and the most important one is safety. The clamp acts as an extra bit of support when high up in the air such as on a rooftop, high floor of a building, etc. Once you have assembled your safety harness, you will add a beam clamp to the back of it and to a sturdy beam somewhere in the area where you are working. This will add extra stability while transporting heavier items from point A to point B. During your next big project, you are much less likely to fall or become injured if you take the simple steps needed to attach a beam clamp to your harness!

Using Beam Clamps to Make Pulley Systems More Secure

On top of keeping you safe by offering fall protection, these small metal pieces are ideal for pulley systems as well. Pulley systems are typically used to get a heavy item up to a high floor or secured to a ceiling. Beam clamps are perfect for this task. This works by attaching the beam clamp before using the pulley system to bring the object up. The beam clamp will add extra support and prevent any damage to the object that is being lifted. It will also protect you from any potential slips and protect the beam from being damaged during the lift. Harness land has a wide selection of beam clamp fall protection equipment to meet your needs.

Beam clamps are an essential element of any construction project, whether done professionally or used in a DIY project. The most important thing to remember about these clamps is that they are weight sensitive. Make sure you know the weight of the object for the proper clamp, and get a clamp that is right for the intended usage. Harness Land offers a range of beam clamps and other high quality products. Please browse their website for further information.

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