3 Tips for Choosing Designer Eyeglasses Frames in Chicago that Fir Your Face

by | Mar 3, 2015 | Optometrist

When it comes to buying new eyeglass frames, you know there is much more to consider than what is the latest trend. Sure, those glasses may look stunning on the shelf, but when you put them on they just don’t seem to look good. How do you choose the frame that is right for you without having to try on pair after pair? If this is a frequent question of yours, here are some great tips to guide you in your search.

Face Shape and Size

When it comes to new glasses, it is really all about your face. Some people have long faces, so buying a pair of square glasses looks amazing, while with others it may make their face look like a tomato. You want to purchase a pair of Designer Eyeglasses Frames in Chicago that compliment you, so make sure you take into consideration your face shape. For example, large round glasses tend to compliment long faces whereas thin rectangular glasses tend to compliment round faces.

Frame Shape and Size

That being said, your face shape goes hand-in-hand with the shape of the frames as well. By searching Opticatropical.net, you can browse through the large variety of frame shapes and sizes that you can try on. Oftentimes you want to avoid trying on thousands of pairs, so try out a few different shapes first to see how they look on your face. If they don’t give you the look you want, consider a different frame that is equally as stylish.

Support from Others

Even if you find the perfect frame out there, you may still worry about how others will respond to this new change. That’s why bringing a friend with you to shop is always a great idea. They will be able to give you their personal opinions on whether or not certain Designer Eyeglasses Frames in Chicago look good on you or not. That way, you don’t waste money on something no one likes.

Don’t be discouraged when buying new eyeglass frames-: it can be simple and easy! Always consider your face shape, the shape of the frame and others opinions when purchasing a frame, as they are all important factors. Be sure to try a variety of frames before settling on one as well, and you’ll be sure to find the perfect glasses for you.

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