Month: June 2015

Flame Polishing Acrylic – A Clear Choice

Optical clarity is a vital characteristic of devices relying on transparency for visual inspection and analysis. Where glass was once preferred due to its ability to transmit light, acrylic polymer - first developed over eight decades ago - now holds a large share of...

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Spread the Word With Online Events Calendars

Did you know that with a simple, easy-to-install plug-in, you could boost the hits and traffic on your website? Online events calendars are responsible for helping businesses just like you with an improved user rating and visitor satisfaction. With an efficient and...

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Benefits of an Evolis Card Printer

Whether you are holding a convention or just re-assessing how your employees access the building, you may want to invest in some badges. A device such as an Evolis Card Printer allows you to produce badges, ID cards, and access IDs for your attendants, convention...

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