Benefits of an Evolis Card Printer

Whether you are holding a convention or just re-assessing how your employees access the building, you may want to invest in some badges. A device such as an Evolis Card Printer allows you to produce badges, ID cards, and access IDs for your attendants, convention goers, or employees. If you are not sure what printer is right for you or which cards might serve your needs. Here are some things to consider.


If you are printing badges for identification purposes, you may want encoding technology from your printer. Encoded IDs allow you to scan a barcode, radio frequency identification (RFID), or QR code. These devices use a machine that reads encoding and allows access to the badge wearer. Encoded badges are useful when hosting large events such as a convention, in which you will not know most of the people entering. Also, they are useful for situations where security is of the utmost importance. An Evolis Card Printer such as the Zenius prints up to 500 encoded cards per hour.


Perhaps you do not want to spare the expense of encoding your badges, but you still want to verify the authenticity of the badge holder. Holograms are a reliable way to authenticate the badge and also make sure that the badge belongs to the person carrying it. With a professional card printer, you can print unique holograms on the identification badges that will indicate the authenticity of the badge.

Magnetic Stripe Cards

Magnetic stripes are another method of verifying the authenticity of a card. It also can regulate who has access to certain areas. The magnetic stripes are the same as the black bars you see on the backs of credit cards and driver licenses. A card printer can print cards with programmable magnetic stripes. This way, you can determine who has access to buildings or certain services with the swipe of a card.

Eco-Friendly Cards

Many badges and cards are printed on PVC that is petroleum based and not environmentally friendly. If you are looking to go green, eco-friendly cards are your solution.

Normally, PVC cards are made from a polyvinyl that does not break down. This type of plastic is used for debit cards, credit cards, driver license, and so on. The eco-friendly cards are made from a BIOPVC that does not contain the same additives that prevent decomposition. This means that environmentally friendly cards will break down in landfills. Although they are designed to break down in landfills, they will not decompose in your wallet. Badge Express offers eco-friendly cards like the ones mentioned. Just like the normal cards, you can print them with any printer, encode them, imprint them with holograms and add magnetic stripes. They function exactly the same way as traditional cards but have the added benefit of being eco-friendly.


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