4 Personalized Wedding Gifts For The Special Couple

Every day, a loving couple get married. That special day will be forever remembered through videos, photos and their own cherished memories. There is no reason that the lucky couple can’t relive that day over and over. Personalized gifts that use wedding photos are a great present for the lucky couple. Below you will find some sentimental personalized gift ideas, to help the newlyweds remember their big day for years to come.

Photo Journal

It’s amazing how photos can tell a story and remind people of the moment they were taken. Wedding days, though, can be a hectic time, not everything can be stored into the bride and groom’s memory while they are rushing around and talking to guests and making vows. Giving the gift of a photo album is a wonderful way to share your vision of the day with the special couple. It truly is a heartfelt gift that will gain a special place in the new home of the couple.


Though it’s not the most glamorous gift in the world, a keyring can be a very personal item. Especially if that keyring has a photo of the special couple on their wedding day! Help the lucky pair remember that day every time they use their keys with a personalized photo keyring.

Collage Canvas

This is a great idea for those who are the artsy and crafty types. You would have surely taken some photos of the big day. Why not use those photos and turn them into a collage on canvas? The couple can admire it every day as they pass it on their way to work or in the bedroom. You could even throw a few sneaky bonus photos in, like the couple’s first date or the place they got engaged.

Embroidered Towels

Every wedding finishes with a honeymoon. Give the gift of a unique and personal embroidered towel. It might just be the first time that the bride sees her new initials in reality. They are going to need something to dry off after a few hours in the pool.

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