4 Things to Know About Short Term Furnished Apartment Rentals in NYC

by | Oct 15, 2014 | Real Estate

If you are currently planning a lengthy trip to New York City, consider renting out a short term furnished apartment instead of staying in a hotel, crashing on a friend’s futon, or couch surfing. This may be a section of the housing market you have never considered, but short term furnished rentals have many benefits. Here are four things to know about short term rentals in the city:

1. Temporary Housing Alternative
Whether you are the Big Apple for a business conference or tourist trip, renting a furnished apartment can be more comfortable and cost-effective than staying in a hotel room or suite for weeks or months at a time. In addition, staying in an apartment building gives you more privacy and will let you experience the atmosphere and personality of the local neighborhood.

Short term furnished apartment rentals in NYC are also ideal for anyone temporarily working in town. Furnished apartments give you the freedom of living in an apartment without the hassle of moving any furniture. Alternatively, if you are in town to look for a more permanent place to live, staying temporarily in a furnished apartment will keep you from having to pay movers to move your stuff around town more than once.

2. Kitchen Privileges and More
Short term rentals can be the ideal way to combine comfort and freedom. Staying in a furnished apartment during your stay will give you more independence and privacy than staying in a hotel or overstaying a friend’s hospitality. Plus, having a fully equipped kitchen saving money by being able to prepare some meals on your own. You can also easily store leftovers or other snacks. Consider hosting a small dinner party or casual gathering, or simply enjoy having a place to spread out your belongings.

3. Added Fees
As with any apartment or housing search, you should be aware of any required deposits or added fees before signing anything. Is your contract for one month only, or will it automatically be renewed as a month-to-month lease? Make sure your landlord is clear about when you have to give notice that you will be moving out.

In addition, will you need to park a vehicle or use laundry facilities during your stay? You should also consider transportation costs and commute times. Finally, consider scoping out the neighborhood for nearby bus and subway stops, as well as coffee shops and grocery stores.

4. Restrictions or Neighborhood Policies
When looking for short term furnished apartment rentals in NYC, take building and neighborhood restrictions into consideration. Are you planning to bring along your small dog, or will several other people be staying with you? You should also ask about quiet hours, maintenance repair requests, and recycling and trash services. Always consult with your real estate broker and landlord about building restrictions before committing to a short term rental.

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