AC Service Heating Tips and Checks Before the Winter Season

An AC Service is exactly what every Appleton citizen needs to be fully prepared for the unpredictable winter. The people are resilient and perhaps mentally prepared for the many months of cold. But, is their system as prepared? The region (including Chicago and Detroit) has recently been hit with one of the earliest winter storms on record. The mid-November snowfall was a big reminder of the season ahead, and people need to make sure their AC and heating system remains functional enough to handle the prolonged weather.

Many people forget that the presence of snow and ice will destroy or damage the actual hardware of the unit. The ice can split the wires, especially if there is already a breach. The first thing anyone should do is review the structural integrity of their unit. That includes any holes or breaches in the shell that would be easily exploited by snow and ice. The holes are not an immediate sign that something is wrong or will be wrong. It does make the system more vulnerable. These holes can be inspected by a professional to see if they present a danger.

The blower doors are necessary to review. Blower doors confirm that carbon monoxide is leaving the home. If they are closed, the gas will not escape. It is odorless, invisible, and absolutely deadly.

People should also take a close look at the filter. The filter has a direct impact on the efficiency of the unit. But, the concern here is keeping it functioning and not breaking down throughout the winter. A bad filter can be blocked enough to stall the system. It will force it to kick on and kick off at sporadic times. It also stresses the efficiency to a degree that may cause the system to essentially overheat.

Contact the AC Service team at Four Seasons Heating & Cooling Specialists Inc. They would be more than happy to make sure everyone in Appleton is safe for this winter. Heating and cooling systems will just stop, and the results could be devastating. Professionals offer fair financing so the unit can be repaired or even replaced within a day or two without any concerns over immediate finances.

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