Break Room Supplies: 6 Things You Need

by | Oct 27, 2015 | Restaurant

A break room is essential for providing your staff with a space where they can relax or take a few minutes to catch their breath during a long and busy day at work. Don’t know what restaurant supplies to buy? Here’s a handy list from the Food Service Warehouse to provide you with much needed help:

  1. Condiment Organizers. When you buy restaurant supplies, don’t forget to put this on your must-have list. This way, your break room space will stay organized, neat and tidy.

  2. Cutlery. Your employees won’t have to keep hacking at their meat or vegetables with the dull edge of a spoon if they’ve got access to wonderful cutlery in the break room. Make sure they do. It’s a small thing, but if it makes life easier for your employees, then why not?

  3. Dinnerware. Provide reusable dinnerware. This is great for parties since you won’t have to go out and buy utensils and dinnerware every time. Just make sure your employees have access to proper washing facilities. Do the same for glassware. While your employees might prefer to use their own mugs —stamped with Best Avocado Impersonator or Best Finder of Desiccated Basil captions—for those days when they forget these mugs at home, they can use the available glassware you’ve set aside for them in the break room.

  4. Liquid Soap Dispenser. Keeping your employees hands clean is crucial, especially given where they work. By putting a liquid soap dispenser in your break room, you don’t just help your employees keep their hands clean and sanitized; you also help train them to acquire great hygienic habits.

  5. Tables and chairs. Provide your employees with a space where they can eat their meals in peace, without customers eyeing them. Have enough tables and chairs to accommodate employees who have the same shifts or take the same lunch break schedule every day.

  6. Trash bin. Make sure you’ve got a trash bin in there. Set aside different bins to encourage your employees to segregate their trash. This won’t just help your cleaning crew—especially if your building has regulations that include the strict segregation of trash—get the job done faster, it also helps foster environmental awareness in your employees. By encouraging them to be more responsible with their trash, they’ll hopefully learn to put that in practice at home as well.

These are just 6 handy to have break room supplies. Make sure to do enough research so you’ll know which items to go for when you finally set out to buy restaurant supplies.

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