How Can I Calm My Dog Down for Grooming?

by | Feb 16, 2018 | Pet Care

Do you have a dog that tends to get a bit rambunctious or even nervous when the time comes to be groomed? This is quite common, and even though getting their fur combed and clipped, getting a bath and having the nails trimmed might not seem like a big deal for you, it can be downright terrifying for a dog. However, there are some things that you can do that will help to keep your dog calm for grooming.

Acclimating the Dog
You never want to rush into grooming your dog. Most dog groomers will tell you that it can take some time to get even the calmest and bravest of dogs ready for a grooming session. Therefore, you should start out slowly and build up to different types of grooming. You should also speak gently and be reassuring to your dog each step of the way when you are getting them accustomed to grooming.

Positive reinforcement is very helpful. Let them see and sniff the grooming equipment before you start to use it on them. Provide them with a treat when they first see and sniff the equipment, and perhaps give them a treat during part of the grooming, and after. By providing positive reinforcement, and by speaking in a soothing voice, it can help to calm the dog.

Always work to keep the situation comfortable for the dog. While they might be nervous, they should never be truly frightened or secured so they can’t move at all. This will only add to their dislike of grooming time, whether it is getting their nails trimmed or their fur clipped.

Another great way to help keep your dog calm for yourself or the dog groomer is to tire them out before it is time to get groomed. Take them out to play and for a walk or a hike for half an hour or so, and make sure they are getting plenty of exercises. After about 15 minutes of rest after the exercise, they tend to be more agreeable to grooming.

Dog groomers utilize a lot of different tools to provide your dog with a winning look and a beautiful coat. You can find some great dog grooming supplies at Earth Pets Natural Pet Market in Gainesville, FL including brushes, combs, and everything else you need to groom your dog.

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