How To Choose Pub Signs For Your Groomsmen

by | Oct 17, 2016 | shopping

Giving a pub sign as a gift to your groomsmen is one way to guarantee they’ll receive something they’ll actually use. Many gift ideas, such as engraved pens or flasks, tend to be tucked away in drawers for safekeeping, and not actually used. A pub sign is a great gift idea, because it can be used immediately and seen every day, as a reminder of how much you appreciate their support on your big day. In order to be sure that your gift will indeed be displayed, it’s important to choose a pub sign that is suited to each groomsman and his lifestyle. Here are a few tips on how to choose pub signs for your groomsmen.

For The Bachelor

When picking a sign for your bachelor friends, resist the temptation to get something too crude. After all, you want him to display it in his home, not hide it when his parents come to town. You do have a lot more flexibility though, as it’s just his personality that you need to keep in mind. Try and find a sign that is suited to one of his hobbies or favorite sports teams; these things are unlikely to change, meaning that your gift will remain relevant.

For The Married Man

For the married groomsmen, be sure to consider the décor of his home before purchasing a sign for him. If he has an area to himself and has decorated it in a personal theme, try to find a sign keeping with that theme. For example, if his man cave is in tribute to his favorite baseball team, try and find a sign that would fit in. If not, be sure to consider the tastes of his spouse when making your purchase. This will keep the peace between them, and also increases the chances that your gift will be hung in their home.

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