Maintain Your Fire Protection System in Los Angeles

by | Jun 27, 2018 | Fire Protection

Fire protection systems require the expertise of many professionals; architects, contractors, consultants and engineers all work together to design a sophisticated apparatus with the goal of ensuring the safety of anyone who steps foot into a building. If you are a building owner, you know fire codes are notoriously complicated, which means each fire protection system is as unique as the building it occupies. Since you want to prevent as much damage as possible, your fire protection system in Los Angeles should be routinely inspected by fire safety experts.

Fire Codes

Fire codes vary across states and may even be different within the same county. Since safety is your priority, it is important for these systems to go above and beyond what regulations require. Those regulations may be perfectly suitable for one building and inadequate for the structure next door. Maintaining a fire protection system in Los Angeles doesn’t have to be a costly and tedious endeavor.

The Parts of a System

All systems need to consider the following: detection, alarms and suppression. Systems can detect heat and even differentiate between varying amounts of smoke. Alarms can now notify authorities, as well as inform the general public. Suppression systems often use water, but gas or chemicals may be more suitable, depending on the equipment in the room. They should each work together as a cohesive whole to mitigate and hopefully prevent property damage and the loss of life.


Think of these three components as links in a chain; if one fails, the system will likely fail in its intended purpose. That is why all fire protection systems in Los Angeles need to be regularly maintained. This includes alarms, extinguishers, emergency generators, sprinklers and more. Inspectors can inform you whether you need renovation, retrofitting or a new system entirely.

If you want to learn more about fire protection systems in Los Angeles, visit the Fire Protection Group website or call 888-732-4200.

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