Put Excitement Back into Fundraisers for Schools

by | Sep 16, 2015 | shopping

Did you sign-up to chair the next fundraiser? Fundraisers for schools, sports teams or clubs is a lifeline for many organizations. In addition to revenue, fundraisers build awareness and community engagement. Today, more than ever teachers, parents and volunteers look for turnkey solutions to raise dollars. The good news is that eCommerce has streamlined the process of generating sales transactions between your schools’ target customers and the product manufacturers.

ID the Right Fundriaisng Products

How do I find the right online fundraising company? When its time to choose a partner there are several important factors to consider. First, be sure you understand the percentage of profit your school will receive for each unit sold. Next, look for products that serve an emotional need. Kitchen gadgets or reusable shopping bags are general purpose items that customers’ need and can reuse. Of course a secondary emotional benefit is the buyers’ perception that their purchase is benefiting your local school or organization. If the products fulfill these emotional needs, the customers will act by pulling out their wallets.

Selling 101

For many students, fundraisers for schools are their first real sales opportunity. Selling generates mixed reactions depending on the student. Rejection in the form of repeated “no thanks” responses can be distracting. But, there is a learning opportunity for students to acquire valuable life skills. Selling offers the opportunity to improve their persuasive communication skills, confidence and math. So encourage your students by providing products that customers will want to purchase. Be sure to check out the product companies’ incentive programs to entice students to get out and sell for prizes.

Processing Orders and Distribution Methods

The Internet provides different sales transactions and distribution methods. A more traditional method, students rely on printed order forms and collect customers’ money. Some online product companies provide organizers, sellers and even customers with the option to place their orders directly on their website. A company website should provide fundraising chairs with dashboard tools and back-end reporting to track sales, distribution methods and customers’ information.

Be a successful fundraiser. Achieve your financial goals by working with a product manufacturer that offers streamlined solutions and terrific reusable products.

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