Reliability is Key in Packaged X-ray Tubes

by | Oct 10, 2017 | Industrial Goods and Services

One of the most important things you can do to ensure that your x-ray equipment is working at its premium is to choose a trusted source for reliable packaged x-ray tubes. Packaged x-ray tubes are an excellent option for anyone that wants the convenience of “plug and play”. They are easier to install and can cut back on the time that the machine is down but the one caveat is ensuring that you choose a reliable source.

What Are “Packaged Tubes”?

These type of x-ray tubes come full shielded and ready to install. Encapsulated in bronze packaging these tubes offer:

  1. Easy plug and play installation
  2. Radiation shielding
  3. High voltage insulation
  4. High thermal properties
  5. Operation without compromise

Of course, all the points above are assuming that you have a reliable source that you are sourcing your tubes from.  Identifying the right source can be a challenge but if you look for a few key elements you can identify the right place to start.

The Right Source

There are three critical components that should be present when you are considering the right source for your x-ray tubes. You want to look for experience, commitment to quality and a strong reputation for delivering reliable products. These key elements, when present will ensure that you get the reliable parts that you can depend on for your x-ray equipment.  There is one source that fits the bill nicely and that offers the custom focused attention you want. Micro X-ray Inc, delivers high quality, trusted and reliable X-ray tubes that you can depend on for function and fit. You can find the tubes you need at Micro X-ray!

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