Selecting a Destination Wedding Location in Florida

by | Jul 10, 2018 | Event Venue

You just got engaged. Congratulations! Now what? The first thing to do is to choose a date and then the location for the wedding. A lot of brides dream of a destination wedding in Florida and there are many locations to choose from.

Florida is home to a number of wedding venues from small private gardens to large, spacious venues. Start first with a budget.

When selecting a wedding venue in Florida, consider your budget. Remember to keep your wedding plans within your budget. It is easy and tempting to add just one thing. Then you will add another and another and pretty soon you will be way over budget. Do not be that person. Stay within your budget.

When considering a destination wedding in Florida, consider the number of guest rooms available for guests. Keep in mind that not everyone has the funds to pay for expensive hotel rooms at 5-star resorts. Consider adding a nearby hotel with less expensive rooms as an alternative.

Many destination wedding locations will offer several wedding packages. These packages range in price according to the offers. Some may include the license, catering, flowers, officiate, setup, cleanup, and teardown. Carefully review the packages.

Out of the way locations, may require some creative thinking on how to transport the guest to the venue. Keep this in mind when selecting a venue.

Keep kids in mind. If your destination wedding in Florida is an adults-only affair, make sure your guest knows this in advance so they can find proper supervision for their children.

And while you are thinking of the kids, think of the elderly. Will your grandma be able to navigate those rocks to the cliff you picked out for your wedding?

Draw inspiration from your friends and family. Remember, a destination wedding should be fun, exciting, and reflect the personalities and emotions of the bride and groom.

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