Spaulding Decon Takes Care of Unattended Death Cleanup in Florida

When someone dies in a crime, it is obviously a very traumatic event. The worst part is that after the coroner and law enforcement have left, dealing with cleaning up the scene is the responsibility of the family. While people need to be caring for their emotional health, make sure to call us at Spaulding Decon to take care of the body. When possible, it is important to call within two hours. Unattended death cleanup in Florida needs to start immediately because blood left to stand can cause additional damage to a building.

Human Decomposition

Human decomposition starts the moment a person quits breathing. If the body has not been found for a few days, the decomposition process can be quite advanced. The human body goes through four stages of decomposition after death. The first stage is autolysis, where the body cell membranes rupture on the inside of the body, releasing carbon dioxide and creating an acidic environment. Then, the body will become bloated. Often during this stage, insects become a problem. Even after the body has been removed, an odor can linger. The next stage is active decay, where the body actually breaks down, often leaving body tissue behind. The final stage is skeletonization. We have the knowledge and equipment to complete properly unattended death cleanup, including the removal of bacteria, mold, and insects.


Often an unattended death leaves a tremendous mess behind that many families are just not prepared to deal with at the time. Yet, it is important that the cleanup begins immediately. Our professionals at Spaulding Decon understand just how traumatic this experience can be for the family. Therefore, they come in with caring attitudes and begin decontaminating the area.

According to Florida Law 29CFR1910.1030, most people cannot handle this job themselves. Our employees receive special training in handling blood-borne pathogens, and they have the right personal protective equipment to protect themselves during the procedure. To ensure the health of these professionals, they have been vaccinated for hepatitis and other diseases.

Since 2005, many landlords and families have complimented our company on our sensitive handling of these situations. We follow OSHA procedures completely and have the equipment to shock the air to remove the smell of death by neutralizing it. Furthermore, we can transport any body fluids and dispose of them legally.

We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to work with you during these trying days. You have gone through enough stress, and the days ahead will be difficult. They will be easier, however, when you leave unattended death cleanup to our professionals. We use environmentally friendly products that will not harm the world to complete this delicate task.

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