Surprising Facts About Cremation Services in Willoughby and Mentor

by | Sep 12, 2023 | Funeral

When you and your family are ready to look into funeral and cremation services in Mentor, OH and Willoughby, you might be surprised to learn about all of your options. Funerals in Willoughby, OH can incorporate cremation into the service in a variety of ways that keep the emphasis on the celebration of life.


Cremation services in Mentor, OH offer people an alternative to casket burials, but families can still opt for a traditional graveside service. The surviving family members may want urns, and funerals in Willoughby, OH can be centered around the urn. The vessel can be elaborate or simple, and you may keep it at home or have it housed in a cemetery. Arrangements can be made to have your ashes scattered in a meaningful spot.


For many families, it is important to consider the cost of funerals in Willoughby, OH. A major benefit of cremation services in Mentor, OH is the cost. With this option, families can save money because they do not have to buy a casket or burial plot. A budget-friendly memorial can still be beautiful and memorable.

Celebration of Life

A funeral allows family and friends to get together and celebrate the life of the departed. There will likely be difficult moments and tears of sadness and joy, but with some assistance, the service can be manageable. There are endless ways to create a ceremony that reflects the life and values of the deceased. For more information about funeral services in Mentor and Willoughby, OH, visit Monreal Funeral Home – Monreal Srnick Funerals & Cremations today.

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