The Variety of Services Offered by a Heating Technician in Waldorf MD

A Heating Technician in Waldorf MD provides several services in addition to installing, cleaning, inspecting and repairing furnaces. For instance, this skilled worker can install a whole-house humidifier for the homeowner who does not like the dry air connected with forced-air heating systems. That dry air can cause shocks from static electricity, dry noses and throats, and static cling that causes skirts to stick to nylon stockings. Instead of bothering with an inconvenient portable humidifier, the homeowner chooses the whole-house model to be installed on the furnace and to add moisture to the air coming through the vents.

Another service offered by a Heating Technician in Waldorf MD involves installing a higher-quality filtration system on the furnace and central air equipment. These filters usually only need to be changed once or twice a year, depending on the lifestyle of the residents. If several dogs and cats live on the premises, the filter may need changing more often. The same is true if people in the house do a lot of smoking, or don’t vacuum or dust regularly. Some of the dust, particulate matter in the smoke, and pet hair and dander are brought back toward the furnace through the return-air venting system. A filter is essential for blocking these substances, and if the filter gets too dirty, the furnace has to work harder to draw air through that filter.

Of course, a company such as Olympic Aire Services provides all the other services related to the furnace and central air conditioner that homeowners tend to think of first. They probably schedule an annual or twice-yearly inspection, cleaning, and maintenance service to make sure everything is in good working condition and to prevent breakdowns. When a furnace nears the end of its useful life, the technician lets the owner know that it’s time to think about having a new one installed. With ongoing improvements in technology, the homeowner can be assured that the new furnace will use less fuel than the old one did to keep the house at the same temperature. People interested in any services in regard to furnaces and central air systems may read the full info here.

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