Three Stage Setting Mistakes Worth Avoiding

by | Sep 20, 2018 | Business

Setting a stage can be a challenging task. After all, there are two perspectives you must keep in mind all at once: what elements will best benefit the performers and what will best benefit the audience members so they can understand what is happening onstage. In some ways, these two perspectives are intertwined. However, there are still some key factors many stage coordinators miss as they set up stage scenery and other elements.


It’s understandable you won’t always have complete control over the seating arrangements with every stage venue you work with. However, you should try to accommodate the stage scenery to the actual seating as much as you possibly can. Try to arrange the different elements of your stage scenery so it’s as visible from as many areas of the venue as possible.


Lighting can easily be just as important to the performance as the performers themselves. Good stage lighting should complement and enhance the overall performance, as well as provide the audience with a better understanding of the message and mood each scene is meant to convey. The lighting can’t be constantly uniform or excessively white or else you risk creating stage scenery that is less appealing and effective.


The audience won’t be able to enjoy your stage scenery nearly as much if they can’t hear any of what’s going on. Your performers will also grow frustrated trying to deliver a performance the audience cannot hear, much less understand. Try to work with a combination of the venue’s natural acoustics and sound equipment in order to make sure all elements of the performance remain clearly audible. Perform frequent tests to ensure the sound is at the best possible volume.

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