Tips & Tricks While Renting a Portable Hand Washing Sink

Hand washing is essential to keeping germs at bay, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says. It’s an effective way to stop germs from spreading. Plenty of diseases and conditions are entirely preventable just by keeping your hands clean. Healthy hand washing habits make that possible.

One thing that helps encourage healthy hand washing habits are sinks. But what happens if there isn’t a single one in sight? No worries. You can count on portable hand washing sink rentals to help you out. Whether you’re planning a backyard science lesson, music festival or book drive, getting portable sink rentals onsite ensures your guests have a proper hand washing facility throughout the event.

But there are plenty of different sinks out there. Here’s a look at some tips and tricks on renting a porta-sink:

Know what you need
Do you need a specific type of sink, maybe a catering sink or food cart that’s designed with one? Some sinks are great for portable science lab stations while others are ideal for camping and the outdoors. So pick out which type serves your needs the most.

Scout around and compare
Invest a bit of time and effort by scouring around, making a list of potential options and comparing those choices. Don’t let cost be the deciding factor. Consider quality and accessories too such as soap or tissue. If you’re picking one out for your food car, make sure it’s NSF-certified.

Factor in the design
Pick one out that’s ideal for the event or your personal style. You don’t have to make do with boring sinks that do nothing to enhance the vibe and look of your event. Ambiance is everything so make sure you rent sinks that match your event in every way.

With these tips and tricks, shopping for a rental sink should be much, much easier.

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