Using an Automatic Banding Machine

by | Nov 18, 2016 | Packaging

How do many companies and organizations hold bundles, packages and boxes together is a secure manner? They use something called an automatic banding machine. These machines are loaded with strapping which is secured around the product to hold it together. The entire process of automatic banding is useful for shipping products in bulk quantities. It greatly reduces the time involved to make packages secure as opposed to a manual strapping operation. Both time and manpower are reduced with an automatic banding machine operating at peak efficiency.

Know How Your Machine Functions
It’s important to understand the entire functionality and capability of the machine you are using. There are full automatic and semi-automatic banding machine. The differences should be understood. Most importantly, only use the machine per its intended use.

Types of Fully Automatic Banding Machines
The StraPack F-18B is a fully automated version of the F-18. It offers easy assimilation to existing production lines. Packages as small as 4Wx2Hx6L inches can be strapped with this machine. A variety strap placements are available with this machine through the use of optional photo-eye sensors.

The Strapack RQ-8A can operate at 98 feet per minute with an optional speed of 132 feet per minute. It is available in 2 thru 6 tabletop belt configurations to accommodate a variety of package sizes. The belt speed is easily adjustable and the unite allows for the selection of 0, 1 or 2 straps. Automation packages (as an option) provide for a range of automatic strap placements.

The StraPack RQ-8Y side-seal model adjusts easily to automated packaging system that is conveyorized. It offers a compact design and has a cycle error and out of strap warning feature that alerts the operator.

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