What Opportunities Are Available Through Insurance Companies In Wichita, KS?

Kansas consumers need protection for their investments. These investments range from automobiles to real estate properties. The first step for protecting these investments is to acquire adequate insurance coverage. Local insurance companies in Wichita KS provide these opportunities for consumers.

Reviewing Auto Insurance Requirements

Kansas drivers purchase liability and personal injury protection to comply with the law. The minimum liability requirements are $25,000 to apply to bodily injuries with a maximum of $50,000. It should also provide $10,000 to cover property damage.

The personal injury protection should offer $4,500 for each policyholder’s medical expenses. The policy offers $900 monthly for up to one year if a temporary disability occurs. It pays $25 for each day that in-home nursing services are needed. It covers $2,000 for funeral services. The policyholder could also receive around $4,500 to cover rehabilitation services after an accident. To comply with these requirements, the vehicle owner should contact insurance companies in Wichita KS.

Exploring Homeowner’s Insurance Opportunities

Homeowner’s insurance covers the cost of property damage and loses of personal property. These insurance policies cover damage as a result of natural disasters and fire. It also covers acts of arson and vandalism. The insurance policies provide temporary housing allowance after property damage occurs. These funds cover the cost of hotel fees and dining until the property owner can return to their home.

Protecting a Home Business

Home business insurance provides extended coverage. Homeowner’s insurance covers the cost of the portion of the property used for business. It doesn’t cover equipment used for the business. Business insurance provides this coverage as well as protects the business owner against common liabilities. To acquire this coverage, the consumer should contact insurance companies in Wichita KS.

Why Renter’s Insurance is Beneficial

Renters’ insurance is beneficial for all tenants of rental properties. While the landlord’s homeowner’s insurance covers the property, it doesn’t cover the tenant’s personal property. Renter’s insurance pays for the replacement of any items that are destroyed, stolen, or damaged. It also covers a portion of property damage caused by the tenant.

Kansas consumers have opportunities to protect their investments by acquiring insurance. Among these types of coverage are homeowner’s, auto, and business insurance. Consumers who need to purchase insurance should contact Andy Woodward Insurance Agency today.

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