What Types of Projects Would a Landscape Architecture Service in Round Rock Take On?

While not many people understand the nature of landscape architecture, they see the results of this type of expertise on a daily basis. Applications of this kind are used to create landscaping in and around all sorts of public settings. Here are a few examples of how the work of a Landscape Architecture Service in Round Rock would create a beautiful and functional setting.

Planned Neighborhoods

A Landscape Architecture Service in Round Rock could create the layout of a planned neighborhood. Along with designing street layouts and including flora and fauna to line those streets, the service could also design a park to serve the residents. That park would include elements like fountains, ponds, and areas set up for sports, picnics, and other common forms of recreation.

Stormwater Management

The service could work with others to include various elements that help to make the most of water captured from rainstorms. This could include the creation of a rain garden on the roofs of existing buildings, structures to capture and forward water for use in maintaining a park, or even creating wetlands that provide the perfect environment for certain flora and fauna to thrive.

Nature Preserves

This form of architecture service could design and oversee the creation of a nature preserve with a great deal of ease. The preserve would include a wide range of plant life coupled with the inclusion of certain kinds of animal life. Throughout the preserve, there would be areas designated for the use of visitors, allowing them to enjoy the beauty of everything that nature has to offer.

The work of landscape architecture is not just about creating a pleasant outdoor space using natural elements. It is about combining natural with man-made elements into something that provides real function with the beauty that comes from the inclusion of what nature can supply. For developers and others who are seeking to establish communities or possibly renovate an older one in some manner, choosing to work with this type of service will result in unique features that attract the attention of people, draw them in, and motivate them to stay for awhile.

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