What You Need to Know About Amoena Mastectomy Bras

by | Nov 25, 2015 | shopping

Undergoing breast surgery of any type can bring major changes in a woman’s life. Many women experience new and different emotional and physical needs. However, with a positive outlook and proper treatment, most women go on to lead full and active lives after surgery. Amoena mastectomy bras are designed to enhance women’s well-being, confidence and support at this critical time in their lives.

Post-Surgery Garments
In the weeks immediately following breast surgery, the skin is very tender, and mobility is limited. There is a line of Amoena mastectomy bras that are specially designed to soothe and protect the skin and offer many additional features for a comfortable fit. They are easy to put on and take off, with a front closure for easy access. They are made of a soft cotton fabric with smooth seams that are gentle to the skin while it heals and serve to reduce irritation. There are also drain management options for peace of mind.

Another option after surgery and reconstruction is a light compression garment which can advance the healing process by keeping implants and expanders in place. Optimal results from surgery can be promoted by means of the addition of a compression belt.

Features of Amoena Mastectomy Bras
The cut of these bras is such that they follow the shape of the breast form closely to ensure a perfect fit. Extra security is provided by elastic edges.

The shoulder straps are adjustable, so no strain is placed on the shoulders. Some straps are wider and padded for additional comfort.

The pockets are discreet and designed so that the breast form will not slip out or show over the top of the cup, bringing peace of mind that the form will not be seen under clothing or during periods of increased activity. The underband is wider, helping to provide additional support and stability.

The Fitting Experience
Women can be fitted with a breast form and pocketed bra about six weeks after surgery. It is important that the purchase of these items be made at a shop that specializes in post-breast surgery products with a certified fit specialist in a warm, caring environment. This fitting should be made with an appointment and with adequate time to discuss all options.

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