What You Need To Know About Linear Power Units

by | Sep 28, 2017 | Electronics and Electrical

Linear power supplies use non-switching techniques in regulating the voltage output being received from a power supply. The reason the power is regulated is because it needs to be in the correct voltage at the point of output. At times, the voltage is sensed at the output terminals, but in other cases, that sensing may occur directly at the load. If you are using or are in need of linear power supply systems, you may want to know something about them.

Elements of Linear Power Supply

Where power supplies get their power from alternating current mains input, you may find that linear power supplies have step down or even step up transformers. The main reason for having the input transformers is for it to isolate the power supply coming from the mains input due to safety reasons. There are rectifier circuits used in the power supplies to help convert the alternating current into direct current format.

Another element you may find with the power supplies is smoothing. This mainly helps in removal of the varying voltage levels and for this reason, large reservoir capacitors are needed.

A linear regulator helps in providing a power output that is properly regulated. The linear regulator comes at work once a smoothed supply becomes available. There are different types of the linear regulators and they include series and shunt regulators.

Advantages of Linear Power Supplies

The power supplies tend to have very simple designs. It is easy for design engineers that wish to work with these supplies because they only require few components. The simple design allows these power systems to be reliable. There is no complexity in the power systems that could create issues. Another advantage is that they have low noise levels. In applications where noise sensitivity is critical, linear power supplies come in handy.

Last but not least, linear regulators or linear power supply units are cost effective due to the few components used to make them. While there are inherent advantages that come with linear power supplies, it is important to understand that they may not be used where high power is needed because they tend to have a high heat loss. Like us on facebook.

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