Why Fencing Is Used For Crowd Control

by | Dec 7, 2016 | Arts and Entertainment

Crowd control measures are typically found at any public event. The variety of crowd control options are designed to give even organizers the means to ensure order and safety for both staff and attendees. One of the more popular options is crowd control fencing, which also happens to be one of the most common options available. To better understand why fencing is so popular for crowd control, here are several of its main benefits.

For most venues, crowd control fencing is not a permanent installation and can be moved when necessary. The events held at these venues constantly change, usually due to what they feature and the amount of attendees that show up. As a result, staff may need to move their crowd control structures at a moment’s notice to accommodate those changes.

Fencing tends to be a bit safer compared to some of the other crowd control options available. Even though most fencing options are made of metal, they are light enough to be moved but heavy enough to prevent them from being weaponized by rowdy attendees. Crowd control fencing is also fairly durable, so there is no risk of the fencing being broken and harming attendees should they brush up or be pushed against it.

Fencing is also one of the less expensive options that venues have to choose from. As a temporary structure, there are typically no additional fees for installation that factor into the total cost. As most venues rent their crowd control fencing, they also don’t have to worry about the costs of maintaining and storing the fencing when it’s not in use. The cost is still fairly reasonable for venues who outright purchase their fencing, as the wide availability of fencing has helped keep costs low.

No Special Equipment
Since crowd control fencing can be easily moved and maintained, venues do not need any extra equipment to use them. They do not require special training or materials to install them—anything that is needed is either easily accessible or included when they are purchased or rented. Depending on the distance, fencing can be transported in a truck and by staff members of the venue or the rental company.

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