3 Benefits You Get with Electronic Menu Boards

Customization issues, delays in putting up a new item on your menu and all the other hassles that come with using old school menu boards—these should be enough to convince you to go for electronic menu boards. Here are some of the advantages you can look forward to:

Quick and easy revisions

Want to revise your menu? Add a new item for the season or remove a new one? It used to be that you had to change your menu every time you had to add a small detail. That or manually add or remove some of those details. Those corrections hardly make for a professional appearance, though. So most of the time, you had no choice but to print out a new menu board every time.

With these menu boards, though, it’s easy to make corrections to your menu. No need to waste money on printing new ones so you get to save on printing and material costs.


Want to customize your menus to fit the season’s glad tidings? You won’t have to spring for new menu boards. You can easily customize your boards to fit the season or match the crowd you have. You can even adjust your settings to allow your menu boards to change for the morning, noon and night crowds. You can customize your menu items without spending another cent on printing or materials. All you need to do is enter the changes into your menu boards. It’s simple, efficient and incredibly cost-effective.

Brand consistency

Digital Signage says digital menu boards were able to improve a burger chain’s sales by as much as 50 percent. Since these menu boards allow multimedia content—videos and images—they’ve got a much better chance of showing your menu items to their best advantage, making every dish more delicious than the last.

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